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 Spring 2015 Assignments

  • Reading: Rene Descartes, Discourse on Method

    • Reading Questions: Meditation I

    • Reading Questions: Meditation II

    • Reading Questions: Meditation III

  • Reading: Peter Kreeft, Socrates Meets Descartes

    • Reading Questions

  • Reading: The Pre-Socratics

    • Reading Questions

  • Reading: Plato's Republic (Course Text)

    • Reading Questions, Book I

    • Reading Questions, Book 2

    • Reading Questions, Book 3

    • Reading Questions, Book 5

    • Reading Questions, Book 6

    • Reading Questions, Book 7

  • Reading: Richard Tarnas, The Passion of the Western Mind, "The Greek Worldview"

    • Reading Questions: The Evolution of the Greek Mind

    • Reading Questions: The Problem of the Planets

    • Reading Questions: Socrates

  • Reading: Allen Bloom, The Closing of the American Mind, "Music"

    • Reading Questions

  • Reading: Michael Medved, Hollywood vs America, "A Declaration of War"

    • Reading Questions

  • Reading: Alister McGrath, The Twilight of Atheism, "Warfare: The Natural Sciences & the Advancement of Atheism"

    • Reading Questions

  • Reading: John Mark Reynolds, When Athens Met Jerusalem, "The Likely Story: The Timaeus"

    • Reading Questions

  • Reading: Ric Machuga, Life, The Universe, and Everything (Course Text)

    • Reading Questions: Chapter 1, "What Is a Good Argument?"

    • Reading Questions: Chapter 2, "Has Science Made Philosophy Obsolete?"

    • Reading Questions: Chapter 3, "What is a 'Scientific' Proof?"

    • Reading Questions: Chapter 4, "What is Truth?"

    • Reading Questions, Chapter 5, "What is Real?"

    • Reading Questions, Chapter 6, "How Do We Know?"



Assignments  from Previous Academic Years
The reading questions that accompany the course reading assignments are listed below in the order they were distributed in class. Each is named after the corresponding reading assignment. Click on the author's name to open the document.


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