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Theology & Philosophy Links

The Vatican
Worldwide official homepage for the Catholic Church (in English), with a comprehensive archive of Church documents and news.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
As the name says, this is the homepage for the Catholic Bishops in the United States. Another useful online archive of Church documents, and the NAB Online is hosted here as well.

Exploring Ancient World Cultures
This website at the University of Evansville offers an excellent introduction to all of the cultures of antiquity, with the sections on Ancient Greece and Rome being especially relevant to this class.

Plato's Dialogues
An archive of the Benjamin Jowett translations of Plato's dialogues (with the exception of The Seventh Letter, translated by J. Harward). These are dated translations, but in the public domain and still useful.

The Perseus Project
This is Tufts University's online archive of ancient texts, including the writings of Plato and Aristotle, in their original languages and public domain translations.

This website makes books in the public domain available as downloadable audio files, read by volunteers. A great place to go for some of the works mentioned in this class, including Plato's Apology, Augustine's City of God, Descartes' Meditations on First Philosophy, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Chesterton's Heretics, Orthodoxy, and The Man Who Was Thursday, and Nietzsche's Thus Spake Zarathustra.

St. Augustine Homepage
Prof. J. O'Donnell's long-standing internet homepage for Augustine offers a thorough introduction to the saint. The positive review for his book from Garry Wills tells you everything you need to know about his perspective.

Thomistic Philosophy
A website dedicated to the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, including links to complete copies of many of his writings online.

Center for Thomistic Studies
At the University of St. Thomas in Houston, this site is dedicated to the continuing application of Thomism- the philosophic method of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

First Things
This is the online archive for the respected journal of culture and religion. Authors for this journal include some of the most renowned contemporary voices on the topics discussed in this class.

Jacques Maritain Center
Both the center and this website are located at Notre Dame, dedicated to an important French Catholic philosopher who was led the revival of Thomistic philosophy and was the principal architect of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (you knew a Catholic wrote those, right?)

Bernard Lonergan Archive
Lonergan was a Jesuit priest and Thomistic philosopher known for his theory of knowledge. Highly influential within contemporary Catholic circles, Lonergan is perhaps neglected outside those circles because of his theistic orientation.

Another respected journal of culture and religion, this one somewhat more liberal than First Things (above), thus offering some alternative viewpoints.

Boundless Webzine
This is an outstanding online resource aimed specifically at college students trying to reconcile their faith with the beliefs to which they are exposed in the academy. Prof. J. Budziszewski is among the contributors.

Catholic Education
This archive is specifically directed at Catholic educators, and contains countless articles from a number of excellent authors, including Pope Benedict XVI, Peter Kreeft, J. Budziszewski, Roger Scruton, and others.

A site designed for college students going through the inevitable challenges to belief that are confronted in college. Hope it helps.

The Mortimer Adler Archive
Prof. Adler was the founder of the Great Books Program, encouraging students to read the classics of Western civilization. This is an extensive online archive of his essays.

Peter Kreeft Online
This is the homepage for the respected philosopher and Catholic apologist, and it includes online copies of his essays, chapters from his books, and even some podcasts of his lectures.

George Weigel
This is the online archive for the prolific Catholic author, theologian and biographer of Pope John Paul II (Witness to Hope). Weigel is an outstanding, independent Catholic thinker. Highly Recommended.

Edward Feser
A Philosophy professor at Pasadena City College, Feser teaches from a Classical Realist perspective and has taken on the New Atheists. Be sure to check out his blog as well.

The Philosophical Gourmet
Considering a degree in Philosophy? This website publishes an annual report ranking the best philosophy programs in the nation. UNC Chapel Hill and Duke both made the list...which one ranked higher?

The Philosophical Lexicon
If you get it, utterly hilarious. But if you're the kind of person who gets it (and, sadly, I am) at some point the stark realization of just how much of your brain has been committed to philosophical minutiae sets in. Ouch.


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